Eye Removal & Socket Surgery

Often for trauma or tumours, the eye may need to be removed. Depending on the pathology, the whole eye (Enucleation) or the internal contents of the eye (Evisceration) may need removal.

Enucleation - In an enucleation, the muscles of the eye are detached from the globe, followed by removal of the globe. A spherical implant is then placed and the muscles sutured back onto the implant. Other ocular layers such as conjunctiva are then closed over the top of the implant.

Evisceration - In an evisceration, a ball implant is placed within the eye socket to increase volume in the socket. A prosthesis (fake eye) is fitted like a large contact lens over the top of this implant after the 6-week mark once the socket swelling has settled.

Please refer to the FAQ's for more detail on Eye Removal and Socket Surgery.